Your Cursillo Weekend is an Encounter with Christ that will help you:

  • Bring your Spiritual life into focus.
  • Embrace a unique method of finding, forming, and sustaining lay leadership in your Church.
  • Experience your faith more fully.

The basic atmosphere of a Cursillo weekend differs from the individual solitude of a retreat. It begins Thursday evening and ends late Sunday afternoon. During the three days, the teachings of Christ are discussed in a climate of joy. The talks and discussions, led by a team of Methodist lay people and spiritual advisors, emphasize:

  • the meaning of grace and the Sacraments
  • the need for prayer and ways of living life in union with God.

Each weekend is interspersed with prayer, songs, recreation, laughter and moments of reflection and silence. There is nothing dull about a Cursillo weekend! It is a joyous workshop in the fundamentals of our beautiful Christian faith where everyone learns by experiencing a living Christian community. The resulting Christian community is a group of men and women who live the Christian life, linked together in Christ, and are supported in their environment.

Participants must have a sponsor who has attended Cursillo and is responsible for preparing you for the weekend as well as introducing you to the Ultreya (reunion group) in your area after you attend.  If you do not currently have a sponsor we will attempt to match you with one.

If you are married, both you and your spouse may attend the same Cursillo weekend, but it is not required.

Fee to Attend

The fee to attend Cursillo as a pilgrim is $150, which includes all meals and lodging.  A $25 application fee is due when your application is submitted and applied to your weekend fee.  Scholarships are available, based on need, so do not let the cost prohibit you from attending.

Staff fees are $280 each, and all staff are required to attend two trainings, prior to the weekend they serve.